Brian Mulkey




Showcasing the connectivity of rooms of residential property is important.

Even more important however is communicating something greater…

Interpretive, artful composition invites the viewer into living spaces within a home,
rather than leaving them merely stuck in a corner of any given room.

Realistic lighting, color, and clarity are also essential.

Walls, window and door frames, all vertical!

I utilize supplemental lighting but only in such a way that it is indistinguishable from the existing ambient.

Post processing is an art in itself and I am meticulous and focused when perfecting an image.



The primary reason for inclusion of a Virtual Tour/Property Website
is to guarantee a higher quality presentation of the photographs than
what is possible through the MLS.

Representation of your Agency or Brokerage benefits from that more effective distribution.
Both branded and unbranded versions of the Virtual Tour/Property Website are included.

A dashboard allows you to add descriptions, edit, rearrange photos, post links to
social media, and more.

Photos delivered in resolutions for MLS, Full Screen, and print.

Listing Flyer PDF for printing

Post Virtual Tour as movie to Youtube and Vimeo for $10.00



Virtual Tour/Property Website is included in the following packages

up to     1500.............$175   15 to 20 photos

1500 to 2500.............$200   20 to 25 photos

2500 to 3500.............$225   20 to 25 photos

Additional photos $8 each

For properties over 3500 square feet, please contact for quote

Additional services…

Twilight shots............$150   2 photos

Unique url for Virtual Tour/Property Website.......$25

Agent Headshot   Step up and smile style, no outfit change.......$75 choose 2 from 5 shots

Image Retouching beyond normal image processing, such as removal of objects.......$50/hr @1/2 hr increments